Dear Friends,

Alas, we’re not there yet!

The wine crew continues to work towards wines we’re proud of. I mentioned that we have reinvigorated the old vineyard (medium old by Maryland standards closing in on 20 years) and working alongside the brewer to master the art of the barrel; those little rascals have proven unreliable in the past. Mostly what we’re headed towards is the best we’ve produced in the past: sparkling wines. They’re just not ready yet.

Thanks to all our fans who’ve been patient; it’s been a long haul and a summer without Slack wine is painful.

In the meantime, we have arriving again this week 7 interns from Elmberg College to help get us over the hump. You might imagine this is beneficial. I like to say around here that every day with 7 trained agriculturalists from the Elmberg College of Agriculture and Nutrition in Linz Austria, l can accomplish a week of work. They will again start posting on the FARM BLOG this week so you can follow their — and our — progress towards our re-opened winery. Yesterday I got two queries to make sure they have packed the best work clothes for the jobs ahead — not worried about the nearest grocery store or gym or movie theatre. Don’t worry though, we do make sure they get plenty of American culture (read their stories on the blog) and, with our proximity to Washington, a dose of the scene in DC.

Maggie O’Brien