A great Waterside at Woodlawn Sunday series concluded October 1st and so we're back to the job of harvest and winemaking. Our vineyard at Jubilee Farm has been renovated in the past two years and the old vineyard has come back well from some of the typical hindrances of vineyard pests that both mid-Atlantic vinifera vines.  We've also been in the process of moving some of our winemaking equipment and are still in process as I write.  Given the lateness of the year, we've decided not to rush our 2015 and 2016 wines in to bottles but will take the hiatus and get everything ready to go for the Spring of 2018.  

Check back in a bit and I'll keep you posted on progress, the wines we're finishing, and the exact date when we'll be open again for wine, friends and fun.   

All best,

Maggie O’Brien

Slack Winery