Dear Friends,

If you are an optimist, as we all are, you know that at some point good things return.

Slack is back with both Ebb Tide and Slack Tide on the shelves. In the coming weeks we'll roll out the rest of the line as the wines finish and are bottled. As I explained to a friend who stopped by yesterday to inquire about our progress, it was either bottle wine we had to make excuses for this past March, or toss the stuff that was herbaceous (sadly, over 1500 gallons) and work through the remainder for a product we're proud to serve.

Four months later, we're pleased to have the first two wines finished and more on the way (Rocky Shoals, Slacker and Cabernet Franc) which will be here soon.

Winemaker-in-Residence Chris Lang will be hosting visitors. 

All best,

Maggie O’Brien

Slack Winery