SLACK Wine and Tasting Room at Woodlawn Farm

Tasting Room Hours: Wednesday-Sunday 12-6 pm 301-872-5175

Tours available: Call ahead to arrange for a tour of our vineyards at Woodlawn or Jubilee Farms.

Slack wines have won over two dozen medals in state, national and international competitions.

Winemaker Tucker Grube-O’Brien is assisted by Anna Ferguson and these two young wine makers, age 29 and 22, respectively, have proven to be a particularly clever pair with natural instincts of good taste.

"I am not going to buy another bottle over $500.00", said a friend recently. "And by the way, your Barbera is as good as it gets," he added. "The finish lasts a full 35 minutes. This is a very good wine."

So in the "Under $500" category, we think these wines are a bargain ---- and so does our friend with the big cellar and the collection habit.

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