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Blessing of the Vines at Jubilee: Slack Winery's 5th Annual Spring Ritual

Our annual pilgrimage out in to the vineyards with Wine Club Member Father John Ball is planned at Jubilee Farm tomorrow.  All wine club members are invited to partake between 1:00-5:00 pm with rain clouds lessening as we go, apparently.

In his 5th year as our spiritual leader, Father John will once again read from the scriptures to help us in a particularly important year. You'll see throughout the farm major changes as we are replanting part of the vineyards this year and even moving the winery operations. This is all much in transition as you will see so you'll get a peak at the future.  

We've ordered the dogwoods in bloom for you, the grass is freshly mowed, and probably at some point someone will be out in the vineyard working through the vines as we're finishing pruning and restructuring of the vineyard.  

Bring your family and friends; let me know so there's enough food for everyone. 

AND importantly COASTLINE is playing wonderful tunes in the Winery Barn so stop by if you can.

Spring without a farm day can hardly seem complete. 

--- Maggie O'Brien 301-872-5175

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