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Mother's Day with Dave Norris at Woodlawn

Special Flowers for Mother's Day: We'll have lovely bouquets again for $15 for you to give to your mom.  No need to call ahead, we'll have plenty on hand, along with Swell Honey Organic produce to kick-off your Spring nutrition as well.

Music for Mother's Day again by the most sought-after musician in Southern Maryland, Dave Norris. Dave was born and raised in Chaptico, MD. While Dave has more than two dozen songs recorded by various bluegrass artists, his albums are more folk/country.  His newest release, “Odd & Even” took more than six years to record and is absolutely lovely.

We FINALLY repaired the deck for the musicians to enjoy --- and you, too. Bring your own picnic blanket and sun out with the kids and dog.

Tastings of Slack Wines from 12 to 6 pm are $10/pp for 6 wines. Grab a bottle, your picnic and chairs, and head out to the lawn for an afternoon of sheer bliss. 

Picnic where? Who? How? Well, stop by at St. Inigoes General Store on the way down and pick up one of the best sandwiches (go for the Reuben) you'll ever taste in your life --- with great Orzo.

Lunch or dinner nearby? Head to one great restaurant (Spinnakers or Courtneys --- the latter is open every day sunup til 9pm) or pick up great Chinese food at Ridge Market.